khmer translation book forrest mcphail honor honoring parents bible christian respect childrenDescription Honoring Parents – Forrest McPhail (Khmer):

The author of this book is the Cambodian missionary Forrest McPhail. It is a Gospel tract, nine pages in full color, with the title: Parents in Khmer.

Non-christians often think that christian parents do not learn their children to respect their parents. And that christian churches and pastors do not teach their members to honor parents and elderly people. But that is not the truth.

Do honor you parents and elderly people:

The Bible is clear in its teaching: We all have to honor our parents and other elderly people. Not only while they are alive, but we als keep them in respectfull remembrance after their death.

Most importantly, the Bible teaches us tot honor the one true God, who created our parents and us.

Source: Until The Net is Full

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