A catechism about Bible history tells our children the all the stories of the Bible. It tells them about Adam and Eve, about Abraham, about David, etc.

A catechism about doctrine explains theme the most important doctrines. It is about: who is God, who is Christ, how was creation, what is fall in sin, forgiveness of sin, etc.

S0 does the Westminster Shorter Catechism. It is a simple catechism for children. For it explains them in simple words what they need to know. This book is for young children. It is a shorter version than the orginal Shorter Catechism.

How to use:

This catechism gives a helpful summary of what we belief. And our children also learn to khnow how our puritan fathers thought a bout God and man.

Most important is the first question and answer. It tells our children that God wants them to glorify God. And that was the main purpose of their creation.

This book may be used in family worship, in catechism classes, sunday schools or primary schools.

Original Author unknown, edited and expanded by Pastor J.J. Lim
Source: Gracia Dei Sola Media.